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Karloff Czech Brewpub
31 Moskovyan Street
Yerevan, Armenia
Phone: +374 10 539780

Yerevan is the capital city of the Republic of Armenia, and small but fiercely independent Christian country almost totally surrounded by Muslim Iran, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. Neighboring Georgia is famous for its wine, whereas Armenia is famous for its legendary cognac-style Ararat Brandy, which has been distilled from locally grown grapes since the 19 th century. It was so important to Armenia's economy that its production was not hindered by 70 years of Communist rule.
As one might expect in a small country of 4 million, so dominated by wine and brandy production, beer is a hard-to-find commodity. Yerevan is a very cosmopolitan city of 1.3 million, and has all of the cultural trappings of any major European capital. But because beer has never been much in demand, the world-wide microbrewing craze has entirely passed it by.

Almost entirely.
There is a single brewpub in Yerevan, drawing on the centuries-old beer brewing culture of Czechoslovakia.
Karloff Czech Brewpub produces three different Czech style beers, which with their milder flavors are bound to be broadly appealing in a city where very little beer is consumed. (As an accommodation to their surroundings, the wine and spirits menu goes on for numerous pages.)
Karloff pours a pilsner, a dunkle, and a helles, and there is not a great deal of difference in how they taste.
Whether you like Czech beers or not, you will be forced to admit that Karloff is the best brewpub in Yerevan!

Perhaps as compensation for the lackluster but locally-brewed beer, the Czech style food is fantastic. The sausage sampler had four very distinct and impressive tributes to the art of Czech sausage-making.
Like the beer, the food was all Czech style, and all very good.
And because beer lovers all enjoy good food, everyone leaves happy!