The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Brew Pubs








Foamee Geht Nach Österreich.
In den folgenden Fotos folgen wir Foamee auf seiner „Skireise“ zu Österreich und zur Slowakischen Republik.
Parken war frei ungültig, aber.
Folgende Aufträge der Leute nicht werden gesprengt.
Foamee tat viel Einkaufen in "Lebensmittelgeschäftspeichern."
Jeder ist gehender Skiing. Aber wo ist Foamee?



Siedergasse 89 8970 Schladming
Tel.: 03687 24459

Schwalben-Brau is in a small restaurant.
There is no bar.
The one-barrel system shares the dining room with 12 tables. The three year-round beers and one seasonal are good, but not wonderful. It is located near the busy tourist area.
Note: They change the beers on tap without telling anyone. What was pils one day will be marzen the next. The tap just has the brand name.


Schloss Brau
A-5310 Mondsee, Wredeplatz 1, Tel.: 06232/5001-245

Schloss Brau is a chain of brew pubs throughout Austria. They differ in size and format. All have Schloss Brau as the house beer, as well as several other drafts. The beer is not made on the premises. As with other "Brew Pubs" in Austria, the wait staff does not know where the house beer comes from.


Weissbierbrauerei Bernd Tobsch
Rupertgasse 10
    A-5020 Salzburg


This brew pub in Salzburg is much larger than it seems. The modest front enterance leads to room after room, each in the traditional beer hall motif, as well as a large beer garden. The older style seven-barrel brewing system is hidden in a back room. Many young people frequent the place, most speaking English !! The two beers on tap are a weiss and a particularly good marzen.



Augustiner Bräu Kloster Mülln
A-5020 Salzburg, Lindhofstrasse 7
T: +43-662-431246


The world famous Augustiner Brewery is in Downtown Salzburg close to the tourist district. It's pub is unique. After walking down a myriad of halls, there is a cash register. Pay for the beer you want, grab a mug from the wall and take it to the guy that fills it.(see photo) When changing taps, he drives the tap into the wooden keg with a mallet. Take the beer into one of three large rooms that each seat about 200. Back in the hall are various food concessions selling meals or snacks to take to your table. The brewery and equipment are not accessable from the pub.


Stadtbrauerei Schwarzenberg
Schellinggasse 14
1010 Wien, Austria
01/208 44 41

The Stadtbrauerei Schwarzenberg is a brewpub in downtown Vienna a few blocks from the busy tourist district. Mostly a restaurant, there are several large dining areas with nooks and alcoves, as well as more room upstairs. The brewery is in the basement. They serve three full time beers and a seasonal. Their extensive menu has all the tradional food at reasonable prices.



Waaggasse 5,
1040 Wien.

Tel.: 01 - 5860300

Wieden-brau is a modern looking brew pub just off a busy street. Newly done in an old building, the place is large and friendly, with dark wood paneling and copper light fixtures that look similar to brew kettles. The seven-barrel computerized system is in the room next to the bar. They have three full time beers on tap and one seasonal.



Krugerstrasse 18 / Schwarzenbergstrasse 2,
1010 Wien.

Tel.: 01 - 9611516

The 1516 bar is located near the high end shopping district in Vienna. Modern fixtures with old dark woods and plenty of windows make this an interesting place to drink. What appears to be a seven-barrel system is behind one side of the bar. They have six of their own beers on tap as well as a Victory Hop Devil which is guest brewed on the premises. It is uniquely their own as they could not get American hops for it.



7 Stern
Siebensterngasse 19
Vienna, Austria

In a neighborhood with many other bars, the 7 Stern stands out. It is large with many rooms, a glass-domed ceiling, and brewing memorabilia on each wall. The bar is built around a computerized copper 10- barrel system. They have at least six of their own beers on tap. However, the staff seemed too busy doing other things to pay much attention to the customers.