The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Beer Bars



8970 Schladming , Austria

Tschugamuga is a small beer bar near the tourist district of Schladming.
It's not far from the Stadtmuseum.
Tschugamuga has four tables and six stools at the bar with a dining area in the back. There are four beers on tap, and many bottles, including Guinness and Corona.
One of the bottled beers, Murauer Bock, says it's made exclusively for Tschugamuga.
One happy customer (Frankie) had this to say,
" Highlight of this bar was, without a doubt, being introduced to Tschugamuga beer! This stuff will blow your head off! Its about 9%! I had a few of them and was completely bungalowed !! "

It's a cool little place to drink.


Plutzer Brau
Schrankgasse 2/Ecke Stiftgasse
1070 Wien

Although Plutzer Brau is in a trendy neighborhood in Vienna, it does not stand out. Hidden at the end of a cul-de-sac, it is hard to find and has seen better days. Although they have nine taps, including one called Plutzer Brau, the beer is all guest; they make none of their own. The food was good but the prices were high.