The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Beer Bars




The Mayor of Oldtown
632 S. Mason St.
Fort Collins, CO 80524
phone: 970-682-2410

The Mayor of Oldtown is a beer bar about 100 yards from the CSU campus.
It consists of one spacious room with a large bar down the left side.
A number of tables are clumped together in the front, some booths are along the right side, and a few other table are spaced around the roomy area.
The decor is modern ski lodge...high blonde wood-beamed ceiling and lots of glass and stone.
There are 100 taps along the bar. The array consists of several ciders and several Macros...but the remaining 90 are all from the local area, including many of the smaller micro breweries. According to The Beer Institute, Colorado had over 200 breweries in 2014. The Mayor of Oldtown is a great place to drink a number of their products under one roof.
It is a Questor's dream.
Foodwise, The Mayor serves a very limited menu of pub grub.




Ale House at Amato's
2501 16th Street,
Denver, CO 80211 Tel: 303.433.9734

The Ale House at Amato's is a beer bar just across the river from the Denver Ballpark district.
The bar is fairly large with seating all around - and lots of space which opens to the patio.
There is also a large outside area upstairs on what would be the roof...
also some family-style rooms with booths beyond the bar.
Loosely affiliated with Breckenridge Brewery, they have 42 taps, mosly local beers.
Popular with the yuppie crowd, the Ale House was very crowded on a Sunday evening.
The food is good and not expensive.