The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Beer Bars





Lavendelstræde 15
1462 København K
+45 8887 6543

Taphouse is a beer bar just off the busy tourist area of downtown Copenhagen.
They have 61 taps of craft beer; 6 from America, and the rest from nearby Europe.
They claim to have Europe's largest selection of craft beer.
It would not be out of the question for you to find some American microbrews such as, Sierra Nevada, Sixpoint, Founders, or Flying Dog,
Their claim to fame is that some of the beer on the menu is color coded - "pay for a small one, get a big one" - for Happy Hour.
It's not a big place, maybe seats for 25, with room for at least that many to stand around.





Mikkeller Bar
Viktoriagade 8
1655 Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 33 31 04 15

Mikkeller is a beer bar several blocks from the busy tourist area of Copenhagen.
A tiny basement venue it seats perhaps a dozen, with about the same amount of seating outside.
Mikkeller has 20 taps, 14 of them their own creations.
Prices were a little steep, but Mikkeller is never cheap.
English seems to be the primary language of Copenhagen, and this bartender spoke the tongue with no accent.
The bar also offers a "specialized" bottle assortment, soda and spirits, goat cheese and other snacks.

Mikkeller is a worldwide outfit with bars in Asia, the U.S., and all over Europe.