The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Beer Bars



Deja Vu Restaurant & Pub
400 Dauphine St.
NOLA 70112

The Déjà Vu , a block off of Bourbon Street at Dauphine and Conti is not a place a Questor will score a beer, unless you are lacking NOLA Blonde (do not make the trip for that reason!). It is, however, an interesting place to intersect local habitués and to drink a cold beer or two before heading out on an adventure or heading home after one.

Guinness, NOLA Blonde. PBR, and Abita Amber graced the four taps. The bottle selection included some Abitas but Heineken was basically the elite of the bottle selection. Don't let that stop you. Happy hour from 4-6 each day gets you a cool heinie for $1.75 in the French Quarter. You can't walk by a panhandler for less than that in this town!

The wait staff is efficient and just the right level of friendly, the air is on high and they have the best digital jukebox in the town. Local bartenders stop there coming and going to work and some working girls may stop by too, but they will not be working here. This is where natives can trade “touron” (rhymes with moron) horror stories and relax a little.

It is not a dinner stop in this town but the food is good and you can get a (I ain't saying it's good or not) steak for $6 on TuTh. And the place is haunted to boot. Located in the former red light district, this place can be your home bar for your stay in NOLA, if you're happy with the taps or running your hands over the gentle curve of a cool heinie.




Erin Rose Bar
811 Conti
New Orleans, LA

Erin Rose.
Dive bar.
Small, dingy and dark.
Barmaid Molly has attitude that makes a couple beers worthwhile, but you have to give her an opportunity to show it.
Ask her to design a tattoo for you. Forget the beer, you're here 'cause you are drunk.
Go home, get some sleep.
You know you'll be back here tomorrow too.
Erin Rose.
Dive bar...Yesss.


Cooter Brown's Tavern
& Oyster Bar
509 S. Carrollton Ave.
New Orleans, LA
phone: 504-866-9104

New Orleans is an alcohol-besotted town with very few good beer places. One of them, however, is Cooter Brown's . The dingy tavern is adorned with caricatures of 1950's to 70's-vintage celebrities. Each caricature is 60% head and holds a beverage in a tiny hand. Tables for 2 are end-to-end across a sizeable beer hall area. The few booths are mirrored, the ceiling is tongue and groove and you'll find a juke box, an ATM, and a pool table. But there are two reasons to come to Cooter's... beer and oysters.There are over 40 drafts and hundreds of beers from almost three dozen countries. A pitcher of Coors light will run you $9 and Lindeman's Framboise Lambic will set you back $32. A dozen oysters will cost you $8.The tavern sets 200 yards from the Mississippi levee and if the levee breaks here NOLA will suffer its biggest beer setback to date.