The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Beer Bars
New Zealand




München Food Hall & Bier Haus
6 Queens Wharf
Wellington Central
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

As one is exploring
Wellington 's expansive craft beer scene, one should not forget that any town of modest size and craft beer vibe should have a German Bier venue.
In Wellington, that would be München – Food Hall & Bier Haus.
München has 4 German beers on tap…all Hofbrau poducts, including Original, Dunkel, Hefeweizen, and Schwarze Weiss.
They also have a large selection of New Zealand German-style draft beers, from brewers such as Parrot Head, Tuatara, Garage Project, and Panhead.
The bottle list includes a number of Germans, and New Zealand micros as well.
Obviously, there is also a large variety of German food offered.

Wellington boasts a potent and varied craft beer market, but there are times when nothing but a German will do.




The Malthouse
48 Courtenay Place
Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: + 64 4 802 5484

The Malthouse is a beer bar in the beer-centric town of Wellington .
They have nearly thirty different beverages on tap; quite a few of them were ciders during our visit.
The Malthouse did have 6 drafts from Tuatara Brewing Company; although the website does say they are the “proud home…” of this brewery, they seem only to be an outlet for them.
The bottle list was extensive…any style that a patron couldn't get on draft could certainly be had in a bottle.
The Malthouse has been pouring beer since 1993, albeit in a different location.
They were one of the first New Zealand bars to offer a wide variety of beers. This caused some opposition from the big breweries who wanted to control and limit the range of beers a bar could offer.
In order to serve each beer at the proper temperature for that particular style, The Malthouse boasts 6 different temperature-controlled refrigerators, running from room temperature to very cold.
If you find yourself in New Zealand , you will probably end up in Wellington at some point…head on over to Courtenay Place , “ Wellington 's Party Central”, and visit The Malthouse.