The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Beer Bars



Winking Lizard Tavern
811 Huron Rd E
Cleveland , OH 44115
(216) 589-0313

The Winking Lizard is a beer bar in downtown Cleveland about a block from the Baseball stadium, in an area otherwise filled with office buildings. About 4 store fronts wide, it's not very deep, and has lots of rooms that vary in size.
There are 2 bars, each with about 15 different taps, meaning that the bartender may have to go to the other bar to draw your choice.
Winking Lizard also offers about 300 beers on their bottled list.
The above-average pub grub is reasonably priced.
We were in the smaller bar which felt quite homey and our bartender was knowlegable about the beers offered.