The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Beer Bars




House of Beer
ul. Sw. Tomasza 35
Kraków, 31-027
+48 794 222 136

House of Beer is a beer bar about a block off the Old Town Market Square in Krakow, Poland. An American style bar, there are an adequate number of stools along the bar as well as several small tables. Several more rooms provide more seating. A rack behind the bar displays the 150 bottles of beer available. The young barman was quite knowledgable and discussed each of the 8 drafts, telling why one would or would not like them.
"...this one is a common lager, tastes like it is brewed from a kit; it is not very good."
Beware: some of the older trekkers might not be comfortable with the college age crowd.


Bar Oberza
Mickiewicza 9
Slubice, Polska
95 758 78 56

Bar Oberza comes recomended in another forum, a College Guide to beer in Slubice. 
One can see why this would be a kids place as it is adjacent to the university.  It's almost like a typical old fashioned neighborhood bar. 
A sign over the door, up several steps to the living room sized restaurant that has perhaps six tables. 
The bar blocks the way to the kitchen where grandma is visible making the sandwiches. 
One beer on tap as well as six local bottles and Guinness. 
The exchange rate is favorable; a half litre of beer for E1.40.