The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Brew Pubs
Czech Republic



Pivovarský Dum, s.r.o.
Jecná/Lípová 15
Praha 2
120 44
Tel.: 296 216 666

Pivovarsky Dum is a brewpub in a busy neighborhood far from the tourist area of Prague.
A service bar separates a large dining area from a smaller one; the smaller one has the brewing equipment in the rear, and an open fermenter behind glass.
The traditional menu comes in various languages, each one in a different bright color; one can discern from where each tourist originates by observing the menu color.
The food was tasty and not expensive.
Pivovarsky Dum serves eight of their own draft beers, although I would be suspicious of several: they seem to be the basic hefeweizen with added flavor, though maybe I was incorrect about this.




Pivovar a Restaurace
U Fleku
Kremencova 11
Praha 1
110 00

U Fleku is a brewpub in an older neighborhood of Prague near the main square in oldtown. One enters the rather beat-up building into a large foyer. An outdoor seating area is visible beyond, and there are offices and the entrance to the kitchen as well as the hall to the rest rooms. Another choice is to go to the average size dining area, with an alcove in back. It's beer hall-style seating with large old tables. There were many tourists, and all were treated the same way. As we were settling into our seats, the beer arrived. When we asked for a beer list, the waiter growled in a thick accent that they only had one kind. Another waiter kept coming around with a tray of shooters. The food menu seemed pricey, but the portions were large and the service was quick. When I told the waiter I was ready to pay, he sent a very large gentleman over who told me how much I owed. It was very expensive.


Pražský Most U Valsu
Betlemská 5
Prague, Czech Republic

Prazsky Most u Valsu is a small brewpub in an older neighborhood not far from the main square in old town Prague. It is a good place to visit in that the beers are a little different than your traditional Czech offerings. The bar area is not large but there are several separate rooms for dining. There is a dark bar in the basement which is somewhat medieval, with a winding passage around the brewing equipment to get to the rest rooms. They make three of their own beers and also have three guest beers.