The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Brew Pubs



Brasserie O'Neil
20 rue des Cannettes
Paris 75006
Tel: +33 (0)1 46 33 36 66

Brasserie O'Neil is a brewpub in a trendy bistro section of Paris.
Brasserie O'Neil was the first brewpub in Paris.
The modest bar and the brewing operation are at the front of the multilevel full-service restaurant. O'Neil serves four of their own beers and the large menu pairs these with various foods.
The fare was a little pricey by American standards but probably reasonable for Paris.



The Frog & Rosbif
23 Rue Ausone  33000 Bordeaux, France
05 56 48 55 85

The Frog & Rosbif in Bordeaux is one of a chain of brewpubs in France.
Each location serves British-style beers in an English-style pub. This one is just off a busy street near the tourist area.
Frog & Rosbif offers a very spacious bar and dining area as well as a large back room with TVs for watching sports.
Frog & Rosbif brews and serves six of their own beers; some were good, some not so much.
We found the service to be friendly and pretty quick.
The English-style pub grub was good and not expensive.
Kind of a fun place for those who don't speak French.



Brasserie La Lanterne
5 Rue de la Lanterne  
67000 Strasbourg, France
03 88 32 10 10

La Lanterne is a real brewpub in the center of the no-car shopping area of Strasbourg.
The bright decor seems retro with diner-style furniture and lots of room, seating about 50.
The American-style bar seats about 12. The brewing operation is behind the bar. Various tanks are on display in the seating area and through windows into small work rooms.
The place is fairly small...I had been told to get there early or get lucky.
La Lanterne has five of their own beers on tap as well as several guest taps. Beside the usual Euro beers they make a red and a stout.
There is no sign of any food service.


Brasserie Kohler-Rehm
13 Rue Grandes Arcades  67000 Strasbourg, France
03 88 32 15 93

Brasserie Kohler-Rehm is a brewpub on the busy main square of Strasbourg.
Very large, there is ample seating outside, on the ground floor, and upstairs, too. Through the front door and front dining area and up about five stairs brings one to the American- style bar with several stools.
If weather permits one can sit outside in the square. Those who recommend the food here advised me to try their marvelous casiolette nouilles escargot. But I skipped these and ordered snails instead...and of course, a beer.
Although a brewing operation is not evident, the beer is drawn directly from the pressurized tank to your glass. Kohler-Rehm has their own Blond, Red and Lager on tap; they are considered Alsatian in style. The seasonal was gone.
As I said, they were busy; unfortunately too busy to chat about beer.


Brasserie Au Brasseur
22 Rue des Veaux
67000 Strasbourg
Telephone: 03 88 36 12 13

The Brasserie au Brasseur is a brewpub in an old part of town near the famous Cathedral.  Medium sized, it is dark inside and particularly crowded with tables and chairs and stools.  The brewing operation is in a low area behind the L-shaped bar in the center of the main room.  They had two full time beers and a seasonal on tap, as well as some guest bottles.  The beers were tasty and seemed to be in the Belgian Style (or, in this case French).