The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Brew Pubs




Crescent City Brewhouse
527 Decatur Street in the French Quarter
New Orleans, LA 70130
888-819-9330 / 504-522-0571

A Questor will absolutely love everything about the
Crescent City Brewhouse
Everything but the beer.
They feature four regular beers and usually one seasonal that can best be characterized as tourist-experience beers. They are big, pretty looking, and costly. CCB has the advantage that they do not need to have really good beers to do a nice business. Food is the bigger part of their business and their focus.

The beers are consistent and bland; the Black Forest comes closest among the standard beers to having some flavor and there is an occasional pleasant surprise among the seasonals. But it is a fun place to drink a beer. Ungodly heat guides you through the open-fronted brewpub, where a massive blast of cold air holds the heat wave at bay.
Inside a jazzy brick and wood interior, accented with large copper fermenters, gives a cozy NOLA feel to your experience.
Around 5:00 PM, live music usually begins enhancing the NOLA experience, assuming you prefer that to good beer.

Assume everyone but the wait staff, who are literally outfitted in Blues Brothers black outfits including shirts, ties and fedoras, is a tourist. Do not assume they are all going to be interesting and you will often be pleasantly surprised.

Neon sea nettle lights decorate the bar in a tacky, fun style while more serious art attempts to decorate the walls in the downstairs eating area. They must have run out of money on the upstairs.
Gone is the happy hour, that made the ordinariness of the beer more palatable.
Gone is the chalk board with ABV's and other geeky details. Blame it on the hurricane; post-Katrina CCB has not been kind to its beer-seeking customers, but it is still a fun place to drink a mediocre beer.