The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Microbreweries



Boston Beer Company/Sam Adams Tasting Room
30 Germania Street
Boston, MA 02130
Tollfree: 800-372-1131

Based on sales in 2011, Boston Beer Company was tied with Yuengling for the largest American-owned brewery.
Since they produced 2.5 million bbl of beer that year, they hardly qualify as a microbrewery.
We include them in this section nevertheless.
The Sam Adams Brewery in Boston is a brewery, not a brewpub.
It has an address that should be easy to find.  Except that the streets are all one way away from the facility. 
Once found, the brewery has a handout for exiting the neighborhood. 
The Brewery tour starts every hour.  The first speaking stop is just inside the a classroom setting where they discuss beer ingredients, with samples of barley and hops. 
A few steps away is the brewing operation.  They have two or three kettles, and a half dozen fermenters.  They appear to be 71/2 barrels systems.  They explain the smallness as these are the research and development facilities.  Sam Adams is constantly changing recipes, especially the seasonal beers. 
The next stop on the tour is the bar.  They serve 7 oz. servings of three of their beers, give a spiel, and answer questions.

Their website is pretty glitzy.







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