The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Microbreweries
New Zealand




Tui Brewery
State Highway 2 Mangatainoka,
New Zealand
+64 6-376 0815

Tui is not really a microbrewery...let's just call it a large craft brewery.

The Tui Brewery was established in 1889 by Henry Wagstaff and Edward Russell.
The distinctive tower on the brewery was built in 1932.
After the architect was safely back in France, it was discovered that the tower had no stairs, rendering the upper floors useless!

Tui brews a lager (its flagship beer), an East India Pale Ale, a Pilsner, a 2.5% light beer, and a dark beer, among others.

The Tui HQ has a Cafe offering a great array of Kiwi "tucker for the puku."
They have a massive selection to satisfy every Questor's culinary tastes.
OThe Cafe is open whenever the Tui HQ is open - seven days a week.
If you're coming with a tour party to the brewery for a tour or tasting, Tui will cater for your food requirements.

Tours are given Monday thru Sunday at 11am & 2pm. Bookings are essential, as the girls are brewing beer and need to take time off to show you around.






The Garage Project Brewery
68 Aro St.
Aro Valley
Wellington 6021, New Zealand

Garage Project is a microbrewery whose brewers are all about the “garage mentality.”
According to these three innovators, Garage Project is dedicated to “playing around, and thinking outside the box.”
Rather than brewing a fixed group of basic beer styles, Garage Project is about experimenting, blurring the lines between styles, and just plain seeing what works.
Among some of Garage Project's brews are Angry Peaches, which has no peaches but plenty of American Amarillo hops, API 3.0, which is billed as “a reverse IPA” using local hops, and Artful Dodger, described as an English Pale Ale with a “twist.”
Get it?
Just across the road from the brewery, at 91 Aro St. , is the Taproom. At this venue, the Questor can choose from 20 garage Project beers on tap, many in cans and bottles, and even some “cellar brews.”
One can also get food here.
The brewery itself is at 68 Aro St , and is open daily for free tastings.
Garage Project also sells beer here in cans or bottles for takeaway, and fills flagons, also for takeaway.
Souvenir hunters can also procure tee-shirts, posters, and glassware.






"They who drink beer will think beer ." ....Washington Irving