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Endless Brewing
20610 State Route 29
Montrose, PA 18801
Phone: (570) 967-0985

Cut off from all civilization by road construction, Endless Brewing is a micro brewery about 5 miles north of Montrose, PA.
The summer long project has cut the road in sight of the brewery, but one must take a 15-mile long detour to get there. Anything for a beer !!
The 4-year old building on farm property would be like a small barn or a large
two-car garage.
The left 1/3 of the building is taproom, the rest is the brewery. There is room for about 10 people to stand at the taproom bar, and one table for 4 at the corner by the door.
An (open) door leads into the 7-barrel brewery.
Endless has 8 beers on tap, in several styles.
They sell paraphernalia, but no food.
The owner said that due to the detour, they get more customers from the Binghamton area than locals from Montrose.






Boneshire Brew Works
7462 Derry St
Harrisburg, PA 17111
(717) 412-7814

Boneshire Brew Works is a microbrewery located a rew miles southeast of downtown Harrisburg along Derry Street.
The brewery had a friendly vibe, and the crowd was composed of men who seemed to have knocked off work a little early on this Friday afternoon, and were possibly gearing up for Happy Hour.
The taproom seats about 10 imbibers at the bar, with maybe seating for 50 or so more at tables.
Boneshire features 16 taps, with 8 of them being crafted right there on the 10-bbl. system which was visible behind the bar.
The tap array touched most of the beer bases, sporting a Belgian, an English Ale, a Porter, and an American IPA to name a few.
Beer is sold in pints and flights for consumption in the taproom.
One can also take home crowlers...16-ounce cans filled with the beer of your choice.
Growlers are also filled.
If you need to munch, there is a variety of chips and the like, or you can bring your own food in.




Zeroday Brewing Company
250 Reily Street, Suite 103
Harrisburg , PA 17102
(717) 745-6218

Zeroday Brewing Company is a microbrewery with a spacious taproom located in Harrisburg's Midtown district, just behind the Midtown Theater.
Zeroday had 8 of their beers on tap the day of our visit, and I had the Phresh Hop APA which was excellent...crisp, clean, hoppy, and phresh.
The brewery does provide kegs to a few local establishments, but most of the beer is brewed to be consumed in the tap room. All of the patrons early on a Thursday evening were there for the beer, and the staff were eager to talk about their product and facility.
Zeroday's beers can be purchased by the Try (flight glass), the Commit
(pint) , the Crowler (32-ounce can) or the Growler (64-ounce jug).
The Crowler was particularly interesting.
You watch your bartender fill up a 32- ounce can with your draft, and then see the top attached on state-of-the-art equipment.
If this doesn't make you thank the heavens for technology, it will at the very least make you thirsty.
Zeroday even has a deal worked out with the Midtown Theater whereby you can take in your Crowler to drink during the movie.
Zeroday is a great place to relax and drink with friends and folks from the neighborhood...I wish we had one in Catonsville.




Hitchhiker Brewing Co.
190 Castle Shannon Blvd
Pittsburgh PA 15228

Hitchhiker is a microbrewery in what used to be the corner store in an older neighborhood of Pittsburgh.
The bar takes up most of one side of the room with space for about 30 people to sit at the bar or shelves around the perimeter. Several more can sit on the small back deck.
The brewing operation is in the basement.
Hitchhiker serves nine of their own beers, which seem true to style.
On a Friday evening before Independence Day, it was kind of quiet, with only several other customers.
The food menu consists of hot dogs or beer nuts.




Wacker Brewing Company
417 West Grant Street
Lancaster, Penna 17603 717.617.2711

While traveling down the side streets and back alleys of Lancaster, if you are lucky, you may stumble upon the Wacker Brewing Company Taproom.
The space is shared with Thistle Finch Distillery and is housed in an old tobacco warehouse built in the early 1900's.
Upon entering, you'll be blown away by the beautiful wood floors and brick walls.
The taproom includes two bars, one for the brewery and one for the distillery, with additional tables in between the bars.
This new brewery (as of 2015) only has a few beers on tap, including their two flagship brews, a Dunkel and
Kölsch, but is sure to expand in the future.
A Questor may entertian himself during his visit by throwing darts.
Snacks are available for purchase.






Something Wicked Brewing Company
34 Broadway
Hanover, PA 17325
(717) 316-5488

Something Wicked is a Microbrewery on the square in the rural town of Hanover, PA., a few steps from Miscreation Brewing.
The building in which the brewery is housed is 130 years old. Although the entrance is on the Square, the brewery is actually at the rear of the building, so one must follow a labyrinth of halls to get there.
But it is worth the Quest as the small brewery has very good beer, about 10 on tap.
The tasting room might hold 50. One can go back into the labyrinth to find the brewery itself, or the restrooms.
Their flagship beers are named Sinful, Virtue, Charity, and IPA,
Kölsch, Blonde and a stout.
Something Wicked also brews numerous seasonal releases.




Aldus Brewing Company
555 Centennial Ave.
Hanover , PA 17331   

Aldus Brewing Company is a microbrewery with a pub in the rural town of Hanover, PA.
According to their mission statement, Aldus desires to "take the fear out of craft beer, by creating well-crafted beer that's easy to drink."
As of the time of our visit, Aldus brewed a Blonde, an Amber, and a Scottish Wee Heavy.
The beers of Aldus are currently available at the brewery's pub in kegs, pints, and for growler fills.
So any Questors who have been living in fear of their beer, grab your growlers and get on up to Hanover.
Check the website for times.



St. Boniface Craft Brewing
1701 W Main St
Ephrata, PA 17522
(717) 466-6900

In another world St. Boniface Craft Brewing was a microbrewery in the basement of an old warehouse.
They now have a new stand-alone brewery on the commercial strip of Ephrata, PA.
In case you wonder, St. Boniface was an 11th-century missionary who became noteworthy for chopping down a tree and making many converts to the Church.
St. Boniface is one of the numerous saints purported to be the patron of beer and brewing.

Entering, it seems like a typical American drinkery.
There is a large bar in the center, surrounded by tables and booths.
Six packs are piled up and available for purchase.
All of the St. Boniface products are also on tap, and they have a modest supply of pub grub.
The beers are tasty and not expensive.
They also fill growlers, and St. Boniface beer is available throughout Lancaster County.





Collusion Tap Works
105 S Howard St
York, PA 17401

Collusion Tap Works, having opened in early September, 2016, is the latest brewery to augment York's ample craft beer scene.
The Questor has to seek out is set back in a are not going to pass by it on your way to someplace else.
The Tap Works is one large room, very spacious, yet with lots of brick and wood it has a comfortable, homey feel.
The bar is long, and can seat quite a few thirsty patrons.
Tables are available for seating many more.
And while you are sitting, you will most likely want a beer...let's get to it!
Collusion offers 24 taps of their beer at any given time.
Today's selection covered all the styles, and then some.
Collusion offered a Kölsch, Belgian Pale Ale, IPA, Double IPA, Oktoberfest, Pumpkin Ale, Wheatwine, Imperial Brown, and a Saison; and this doesn't cover half of them!
To provide all these beers, Collusion has a 7-bbl brewing system, with a 1-bbl pilot system.
The brew works include 13 fermenters.
Rudy, our host, was eager to answer all our questions, and glad to fill us in on the workings of the Tap Works.
The beers are sold in samples, pints, growlers, and my personal favorite, the crowler...a 32-oz. can that will keep your beer fresh at home for weeks.
Aside from being served in the Tap Works, Collusion's beers can be found at a number of local restaurants and bars.
The establishment was fairly busy early on a Friday afternoon.
Although Collusion does not yet serve food, food trucks are present on the weekend.



Crystal Ball Brewing Company
1612 West King Street
York , PA 17404

Crystal Ball Brewing is a neat little gem tucked off the main drag in West York.
You may have trouble locating the place as there is little visible signage.
It is difficult to identify just what this building was originally intended to be, but make no mistake, it is a brewery now.
As we entered, tentatively, we were greeted by a galloping brew-dog, and could see some guys in the back standing around drinking...must be the right place!
At the time of our visit, Crystal Ball offered a Coconut Porter (made with real toasted coconut), a Bacon Stout (brewed with locally produced bacon smoked right on premise), an IPA and a Belgian-style Tripel.
All beers are brewed within arm's reach in their 10-barrel system.
Crystal Ball will usually have about 4 or so beers on tap, and, at this time, are open on Saturday from 12 noon-5 PM for samples or growler fills.
Crystal Ball beer can be found in many establishments in the region.
Jesse, the co-founder of Crystal Ball, explained that the brewery has plans on canning their beer, and moving into larger markets such as Philadelphia and Baltimore.
I took home 3 growlers, and can vouch for the tastiness and quality of the product.
Beer lovers should make Crystal Ball an essential stop when Questing in York.


Roy Pitz Brewing Company
140 N 3rd St   
Chambersburg , PA 17201
(717) 496-8753

Roy Pitz is a craft brewery located in the downtown area of rural Chambersburg.
The brewery is housed in the basement of a classic brick structure dating from the early 1900s.
Located above the brewery is the Bier Stube, a friendly 50-person pub featuring 8 taps of Roy Pitz beer.
Light fare and wine are also served.
Roy Pitz is sold in bottles, and on tap, throughout the area, and growlers are also filled.
The staff seemed to be genuinely enthused about making and serving Roy Pitz beer.
If you are looking for an excuse to drive to pastoral Chambersburg, look no farther than Roy Pitz.


Rumspringa Brewing Company
3174 Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505
phone: (717) 768-7194

Rumspringa Brewing Company sits in a big red barn in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. A wine gallery occupies the first floor, and the second houses the tasting room for Rumspringa Beer.
The room is spacious, and has about a dozen tables, sitting on a lovely floor of finished pine.
Behind the bar are 5 taps, dispensing Rumspringa's 4 regular beers and a seasonal. The staff were friendly and glad to provide tastes and information. Pints were being sold; one could also purchase 22-oz bomber bottles or have growlers filled.
The beers I tried were fresh and clean-tasting, and I took some home in growlers.
The word "Rumspringa" itself has an interesting origin.
Route 340 has miles of beautiful scenery and Amish there is one more reason to visit.






"They who drink beer will think beer ." ....Washington Irving















"They who drink beer will think beer ." ....Washington Irving