The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Microbreweries
West Virginia






Stumptown Ales
390 William Ave
Davis, WV 26260
(304) 259-5570

The sister cities of Thomas and Davis, West Virginia have one brewery for every 400 of their 1216 citizens. The best of these three very nice breweries is Stumptown Ales, located on one of the few corners of downtown Davis.
This two-barrel microbrewery (going to ten) is situated in a rehabbed clapboard house. Inside the old door is a clash of cultures...aging hippie vs. lumberman vs. new age entrepreneur.
Rocking chairs in front of a fireplace, a family friendly atmosphere and a microbrewery in a town of 648 says aging hippie. The décor and heritage say lumberman in old photos, cross-cut saws, the bar and table tops say lumberman. The stainless steel and stumped tap feature, every beer in a snifter 10 oz or 14 oz with wine available with ThFrSaSun hours and the big screen TV channeling eclectic music playing through it, say new age entrepreneur.

When you order your first beer you get a glass that will stay with you no matter how many or what style beers you have. It gets a squirt clean between beers, but you drink $4.50 to $6 beers from the same 14 oz. glass. I had four different beers on my visit.
I started with Holy Citra and it surged to my top ten all time list. It was uber fresh, impossibly consistent, hazy and thick bodied, fruity noted with the cleanest nose of Citra hops you could ever ask for. After I finished that beer they opened the heavy drapes on nearly floor to ceiling windows and let in a beautiful view of small town West Virginia.

I went Holy Moses next, similar but with Mosaic hops. This was a great beer but godammitalltohell I had Holy Citra first and it was even better, so I wasn't at all let down, I was hankering for another Citra. The wait staff, a man and a woman, were polite and helpful but not what you call friendly. The gathering throng, however, made up for whatever the wait staff lacked in friendliness. There were serious beer aficionados here.

A change of pace for my next beer, Porter? I Barely Knew Her.
It was as fine a porter as you are going to find in an American microbrewery and it is a porter worthy of many a much larger brewery as well.
Read Ratebeer for a flowery description; this was a damn fine beer.

The bar had ten seats, there were three high tables, two round, one rectangle, and the rockers in front of the fireplace.
The tin ceiling could have been original but it was painted silver so it was hard to tell. The wait staff did not know or did not want to say. Free pretzels are provided, but there is really no food. I take this all in before finishing with a 10 oz. pour of Bewildered Hippie IPA, their hoppiest beer. And it is.
Wow, what a great little place.

They had six taps and a guest beer.
If you get within a couple hours of Stumptown you have to make this stop.








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