The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Brew Pubs



Boulder City


Las Vegas







The Brewer's Cabinet
475 S Arlington Avenue
Reno, NV 89501
(775) 348-7481

The Brewers Cabinet is a brewpub in the Midtown district of Reno.
A small place, with about 10 tables and a very crowded bar, the food is mostly reasonably priced pub grub.
There is also a very large patio area. They have about 10 of their own beers on tap, and their flagship beers include a Blonde, a pale ale, an amber ale, a brown, and an IPA.
There is also a variety of seasonal brews.




Brasserie Saint James
901 S Center St
Reno, NV 89501
(775) 348-8888

Brasserie Saint James is a restaurant/brewery in the Midtown area of Reno.
Among their laurels, they were the winners of the Great American Beer Festival's coveted Best Mid-Size Brewpub Award.
They have also garnered several Gold Medals for their beer.
One enters into a large bar area that blends into the dining area.
Or, one could turn left at the door and enter into a mirror image...another bar and large dining area.
They have an eclectic menu - something for everyone and about 15 beers on their beers on tap including several seasonals.
2-liter growlers can be filled and taken home.
The brewing operation is not visible to patrons.



Great Basin Brewing Company
5525 S. Virginia Sreet
Reno, Nevada
Phone: 775-284-7711

The Reno location of Nevada's oldest operating brewery is at one end of a shopping center.
Great Basin Brewing features both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor section broadcasts sports on quite a few tv's and has a clubby atmosphere.
The outdoor section has maybe a half- dozen tables.
There are about 12 Great Basin beers on tap, including seasonal rotations.
The servers are knowledgeable and, it seems, have actually sampled the beers. Great Basin's beers are "big" and most have ABV's above 5%.
The Wee Bee Heavy Scotch Ale is amazing! Great Basin also has a fully stocked bar with wine and liquor and other varieties of beer.
The food is actually pretty decent, too.



Boulder Dam Brewing Co.
453 Nevada Way
Boulder City, Nevada 89005

The Boulder Dam Brewery is a brewpub in downtown Boulder City.  Fairly small, it has seats for perhaps 30.  It appears bright and friendly; large windows overlook an expansive outdoor seating area in the front.  Although the beer is served directly from 8 bright tanks located behind the length of the bar, the brewing operation is not visible.   Four year-round beers are on tap as well as several seasonals.  The beers are quite good and they seem to experiment with their styles.  This is a wonderful oasis for desert tourists.



Triple 7 Brewpub
Main Street Station
200 North Main Street
Las Vegas, NV 89125

The Triple 7 Brewpub is located in the Main Street Station hotel in downtown Las Vegas.  The brewpub itself is in an extremely large room with a  long bar on either side, and pehaps 50 tables in the center.  The bigger-than-average brewing operation is glassed in at the rear.  They serve 5 year-round beers as well as two seasonals.  The beers are tasty and true to style.  A pint costs $3.25, but can go to the casino bar and get one for a buck and a half.


Chicago Brewing Co.
2201 South Fort Apache Road
Las Vegas, NV 89117-5704
(702) 254-3333

The Chicago Brewing Company is a brewpub in a large stand-alone building near a strip mall in the Las Vegas suburbs.  There is a separate entrance for the modest dining area.  The brewing operation is behind glass in the center of the building.  The bar area is quite large and there is a smaller lounge upstairs.  They have six year-round beers on tap as well as two seasonals.  The beers seem true to style and are quite good.  They have a second outlet downtown in the Four Queens Casino.  It's small and cozy, sitting about 20, and has the same beers as at the brewpub.



Tenaya Creek Restaurant and Brewery
3101 North Tenaya Way
Las Vegas, NV 89128
(702) 362-7335

Tenaya Creek is a brewpub in a stand-alone building across from a hospital center in Las Vegas.  Small and cozy, the bar and it's three tables sit maybe 30.  The brewing operation is behind glass at the end of a long, dark lounge that has three pool tables.  Tenaya Creek serves four year-round beers and two seasonals, as well as several premium guest beers.  Although the bar doesn't seem busy, they brew the house beers for several large casinos and will be expanding their brewery soon.  Oh, and the beers happen to be very good.


Big Dog's Brewing Co.
4543 N Rancho Dr.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
(702) 645-1404

Big Dog's Brewing Company is a brewpub in the Las Vegas suburbs.  There is a large bar area containing several alcoves with tables. 
The sizable brewing operation is behind glass on one side of the room.  Big Dog's has 4 year-round beers on tap as well as 2 seasonals. 
The beer is quite tasty and true to style. 
The food is good but seemed a bit pricey.


Barley's Casino & Brewing Company
4500 E Sunset Rd
Henderson, NV 89014

Barley's Casino and Brewery is a neighborhood casino with a brewpub, far from the tourist area of Las Vegas. 
It is disconcerting to enter the casino and see the large brewing operation behind glass at the back of the room. 
The large bar is the dominant feature of the casino. 
Barley's has 4 of their own beers on tap year- round, as well as a seasonal. 
The local gang were all drinking Miller Lite.  The beers seemed true to style, but were not particularly good. 
The highlight was their food special:  a big burger, fries, and a beer for $3.99.