The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Brew Pubs




C. K. Browar
ul. Podwale 6-7
31-000 Kraków, Poland
12 429 25 05

C. K. Browar is a brewpub in the cafe district several blocks from the Old Town Market Square in Krakow, Poland.
Set deep in the basement, the atmosphere is almost cavelike in that it is long but fairly narrow, and has a high arch stone ceiling. But it was brightly lit, and had loud, modern dance music blaring throughout. They serve four of their own beers on tap. The brewing operation is visible beyond the bar. The very extensive menu seemed a little pricy. Kids were streaming in, and the staff seemed eager for us old timers to leave.


Browarmia Królewska
Warsaw, Królewska 1 Str.
phone +48 22 826 54 55
kom. +48 606 475

Browarmia is a brewpub just off the main street leading to Warsaw's Oldtown. It is worth seeking out, serving distinctive beers and food. Browarmia consists of a very large dining area with the bar in the rear and the brewing equipment beyond. There is more brewing equipment downstairs as well as brewing paraphernalia on display throughout. They have several of their own tasty beers on tap.


Aleja Jana Pawla II 82
0 60 1677962

Bierhalle is a brewpub on the mainstreet leading to Oldtown Warsaw, with a patio out front and a Biergarten in the rear. Set up somewhat like an American bar, there are several small tables in the front and a few stools at the bar. One must pass the service bar to get to the dining room. They had several of their own beers on tap, as well as bottled for sale in six packs only. Locals were eating the lunch buffet but not lingering over their beer. The waitress spoke good English but would not become engaged. The server that brought the beer spoke English but didn't want to chat. When it was time for more beer, he sent the waitress back. These beers were brought by yet another server. Must be a rule about talking to the customers. The brewing operation is not evident.


Stary Rynek 73
Poznan, Poland
61 858 68 68

The central square in Poznan, is ringed with cafes and bars, as are the streets leading into the square. They range from attractive to downright dingy. Perhaps the most attractive, and largest, is Brovaria, a brewpub. It takes up several storefronts and has a large patio in front. The separate bar is new and modern; American style, there is a long bar with many stools as well as about 10 small tables. The bartender spoke English well and told us about the beer and invited us to look over the upstairs brewery in the party facility. They serve two year round beers as well as a seasonal. They are also known for their hot spiced beer, pictured lower left. The extensive menu seemed pricey but the beer was quite reasonable. There is also a separate restaurant and a hotel.