The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Beer Retailers




250 Beers Belgium

Boterstraat 32 Rue au Beurre Brussels , Brussels 1000

250 Beers Belgium is a nice little beer store located on a busy tourist street.
In fact, they are across the street from the famous statue of the little boy peeing.
Not really a hugh selection, nor very cheap, but pretty convenient for the tourist that wants a couple beers to take back to the hotel.




de Bier Tempel
Grasmarkt 56b
1000 Brussels
telephone: 02-502.19.06

De Bier Tempel is a beer store with somewhere between 300 and 400 different bottled Belgian beers on the shelves, along with an almost equal number of different glasses.
There's also an array of beer paraphernalia: posters, books, t-shirts, and more.
Sorry, but the sales guy said they will not ship to the United States - "too many problems".
So buy some outrageous Belgian quad and drink it back at the hotel.