The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Beer Retailers



Vintage Estate Wine and Beer
7317 South Avenue
Boardman, Ohio 44512

The Vintage Wine and Beer store is a Questor's heaven in Boardman, Ohio. 
They have over 1200 craft and imported beers sold individually. 
Beyond the sales floor is the Diamond Bar with perhaps six tables and 10 stools, serving an aggressively rotated 27 taps. 
Buy one of the 1200 other beers and they will open it for you in the bar. 
One can carry a draft beer (or bottle) with them as they shop. 
The bar sells  flatbread style pizzas that are large and quite reasonably priced. 
Tell the friendly onwer what you are looking for, i.e. local beers, and he knows right where they are. 
A wonderful experience.