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Bethel Park








State College






The Beer Monger's
3000 S Queen St, Dallastown, PA 17313
(717) 501-4251

Beer Monger's is a beer bar and bottle shop located on Route 74 between York and Red Lion.
The bottle shop has around 400 different beers, mostly craft and imports, for individual sale.
There is also seating for about 36 patrons at a large community table and several smaller ones.
Pub food is available, and draft beer is also served.
We tried the egg rolls which were scrumptious.
Growlers can be filled.
Next door is a very large barroom, featuring 18 taps.
The bar, which is sizable, can seat about 30 imbibers, and there is other seating, and 2 pool tables.


Giant Eagle
7000 Oxford Drive
Bethel Park, PA
(412) 831-1480

Giant Eagle is a grocery store and beer venue in Bethel Park, Pa,
Giant Eagle has two locations in Bethel Park, a Pittsburgh suburb.
This retailer is unusual
in that it allows sales of both individual beers as well as draft beer in it's very large deli section.
But, to buy a draft beer, one is required to purchase food. However, a small, snack size bag of chips fills that requirement.
They have 6 beers on tap as well as several hundred other beers to choose from.
There are several booths as well as a patio seating area.



Hunger & Thirst
Craft Beer and Provisions
920 Landis Ave
Lancaster , PA 17603
phone: (717) 208-3808

Hunger & Thirst is a delightful combination of beer bar, gastropub, bottle shop and marketplace located on the northeast side of Lancaster not far from F & M University.
The bar in the pub seats about 20 patrons.
In addition, there are about 15 tables in the bright and tastefully decorated dining area.
The gastropub has a draft beer selection numbering 24...all carefully selected.
There are also about 30 bottled beers in the cooler.
In addition to this, any of the more than 200 beers from the bottle shop may be served to a thirsty customer at the bar.
After the Questor has been served his beer at the bar, he may browse through the bottle shop to see what may be taken out for consumption elsewhere.
At the time of our visit, the gastropub was offering food and beer specials on certain nights of the week, such as Gourmet Taco Night, Oyster Night, and Burger & Brew Night.
And in the marketplace one may find an assortment of provisions and gifts for the home. Hunger & Thirst would be a welcome addition to any neighborhood; I wish there was one in mine.


Friendly Greek
549 New Holland Avenue
Lancaster, PA

Friendly Greek looks just like another 6-pack shop from the outside, but the inside is a Questor's Eden.
Teddy, the second-generation proprietor, stocks over 600 different beers with the vast majority of them being microbrews.
The store consists of two rooms housing 4 long, glass coolers, offering 6-packs, bombers, and singles.
Friendly Greek also offers 11 taps for draft beers and growler fills, and a number of tables at which you can drink them.
A food menu is also available.

I found a number of beers here which I had not encountered at any other location.
I will return to Friendly Greek the next time I am in Lancaster.



Brewers' Outlet
111 Butler Ave
Lancaster , PA 17601
(717) 392-6882

Though there are several Brewer's Outlet distributor outlets in the Lancaster area, I prefer this one, as we can jump off of Rt. 30 East and easily exit to Rt. 222 North to Adamstown.
It is also convenient entering or leaving Lancaster.
Brewer's Outlet has great beer, great prices, and great variety.
Remember, though, they are a distributor and you must buy a case.



Krugel's Georgetown Deli and Beer
720 Wilkes-Barre Township Blvd
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702

With between 1100 and 1500 beers to choose from, Krugel's Georgetown Deli is not your typical Pennsylvania beer store. The store is very well organized with all of the 6-packs laid out by style. There is a wall dedicated to bombers and another wall dedicated to mix and match 6-packs. The mix & match 6-packs are a constant $11.99, no matter which 6 beers you choose. The staff was very friendly and somewhat knowledgeable about what was on hand and what was "good". Two things to be aware of...1. There have been reports of outdated beer here, so check dates if possible and 2. The prices are pretty high. That being said, the selection was amazing and being so close to Interstate 81, its worth the 30 second drive, even if it is out of the way.




Krugel's Georgetown
Deli & Beer

720 Wilkes Barre Township Blvd.
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
(570) 829-2337

Krugel's Georgetown Deli is a bottle shop that serves deli sandwiches and craft beer...about 2,500 different kinds from all over the world.
It's convenient for travelers as it is right at the exit of the Interstate.
Krugel's has six taps of craft beer in the back, so a Questor can have a beer in his hand as he shops.
Their mix-a-six selection is rather disappointing in that it is only one shelf about 10 feet long.
The parking lot is large and well-lit, so it's convenient to get in, out, and on your way.
They do have a vast selection of beer from all over.
It's a little pricey there, but they do have some unusual beers to offer.
Krugel's is so great, we had to write it up twice!




Good - Ta - Go
1640 Orchard Drive
Chambersburg, PA 17201
(717) 446-0138

Good-Ta-Go is located right off of Main Street, just south of downtown Chambersburg, PA.
Good-Ta-Go is all about beer, sold for both on and off premise consumption. They offer 30 drafts which can be had by the pint or growler. The interior is dominated by two long walls of cooler, containing approximately 350 different bottles of beer. All beers can be purchased singly, which is extremely helpful for Questors. If you are thirsty, and none of the 30 taps struck your fancy, you can purchase a bottle, open it, and consume it at one of the numerous tables in the store. Or take it outside to a picnic table if weather permits.
What's that you say? Buying and drinking beer made you hungry? No problem...Good-Ta-Go can provide you with a variety of hot dogs and sandwiches that will take care of that.
They have free beer tastings every Wednesday from 5-7 PM.
I wish I lived closer to Good-Ta-Go. If you do, you're lucky.


Capone's Restaurant & Beer
224 W Germantown Pike
Norristown, PA 19401
(610) 279-4748

Capone's has been voted the #1 Beer Store in Pennsylvania, probably due to the reason that they have tucked 600 different brands into a very small outlet attached to the restaurant.
They weren't cheap, as evidenced by the fact that I walked out with two boxes of beers for about $150, but there were some hard-to-find ones here.
In the bar, Capone's has 30 draft beers on tap, and their website gives you the current draft list.
Any beer can also be purchased in the bottle shop and consumed in the bar...or you can take them home as I did.
It's worth the effort if you're in Norristown.


Beer Mart
301 Morgantown Rd
Reading, PA 19611
(610) 376-7341

The Beer Mart!
A place to stop for cases when you're in Reading.
Only five minutes from Canal Street Pub!
Excellent array of imports, macros, and micros.
I've never seen so many microbrew variety cases...never bought so many, either.




Quick 6 Beer & Food
1510 W Market Street
York, PA 17404

Since the Quick 6 store on Mt. Rose Ave. closed its doors, the location on W. Market Street has become my go-to bottle shop in York.
They have hundreds of different craft beers from which to choose, including singles and 6-packs, and any single can be removed from a 6-pack.
They also have bombers.

Quick 6 Beer & Food also serves subs and sandwiches, fills growlers, and serves pints from their selection of 6 taps.






Thirsty's Quick Stop
2914 E Market St.
York , PA
(717) 755-5969

Thirsty's is a bottle shop on the east side of York.
They stock about 450 different kinds of beer, any of which can be purchased as a single.
The employees were helpful, and a 10% discount is given for a 6-pack.
Thirsty's also has 6 taps for dispensing drafts, 5 of which rotate.
You can take your beer
into the adjoining sipping room and watch TV as you enjoy.





Spry Beer & Soda
2426 S. Queen St.
York, PA 17402

The first thing you need to know about a Pennsylvania Beer Distributor is that you have to buy a whole case. Having said that, Spry has hundreds of different beers to choose from, including many locals, micros, and imports. The prices are good, and the crowd is friendly. Stop in on your way up or down I-83.


Pletcher's Beer Distributor
330 West Aaron Drive
State College, PA 16803
Phone: 814.235.0899

Pletcher's offers the largest selection of beers in State College. Regionals, macros, micros, and imports, you won't be disappointed. They probably stock about 350 brands. The staff was friendly, numerous, and eager to help.



Giant Beer Garden & Eatery
2300 Linglestown Rd
Harrisburg , PA 17110-9534
phone: (717) 545-0489

The Giant Food Beer Garden & Eatery at Linglestown is located in a shopping center several miles north of downtown Harrisburg.
The Beer Garden is located at the extreme left-hand side of the store, just around the corner from a large food bar.
The guest can purchase food and carry it in, finding a seat at one of the many tables.
The eatery can seat 75 people.
There are even a few couches and a fireplace.
Beer can be purchased singly in 6-packs, or in bombers; a real convenience for this part of the state where the beer distributor (cases only) still holds sway.

The Beer Garden offers about 400-500 different brands, with an ample mix-a-six-pack cooler.
The customer can purchase some beer, sit down in the Beer Garden, and consume a maximum of two 12-ounce bottles per visit.
Hold it!
Put that camera away!
You are not allowed to take photos without written corporate permission.
While the Linglestown Giant is a 24-hour store, the Beer Garden closes at 10 PM.



The Beer Centre
19 N. Progress Ave.
Harrisburg, PA

I stumbled across this gem whilst searching for another distributor which must have closed. I'm glad the
Beer Centre
was open. Hundreds of beers available...some great Pennsylvania micros, imports, U.S. micros, and offbeat brews at great prices. Remember have to buy it by the case.
Wait! Read this recent post from the Beer Centre: