The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Brew Pubs





The Hanging Bat
Beer Cafe

133 - 135 Lothian Road
Edinburgh , EH3 9AD
0131 2290759

The Hanging Bat is a beer bar in busy downtown Edinburgh. There are several steps to get to the working level of this average- sized, and not too deep bar.
At this level there are several tables, and across from the bar several more steps to a higher level.
As in many of the U.K. establishments, there is no table service.
One peruses the menu and orders food and/or drinks from the bartender.
Here, one orders beer by number, as in "Cask 4".
The Hanging Bat has an interesting selection of beer, and the food is pretty good.
Just as with many beer bars in the U.S., The Hanging Bat does not serve their beer in pints, but in smaller measures.
Although this flies in the face of UK tradition, it seems to be catching on.
Oh, and they make beer, too. Two of the beers on tap are theirs.
The brewers are apparently interns from the local brewing school.
Cool idea.
Each month The Hanging Bat hosts a Meet The Brewer event with a popular brewery in the kingdom.