The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Brew Pubs





Volta Bräu
Voltastrasse 30
4056 Basel, Switzerland
+41 61 690 91 29

Volta Bräu is an American-style brewpub at the Volta transit stop in Basel.
It's a large venue with lots of windows and open areas with dividers that give the impression of cozy spaces.
The whole back of the room is bar space, but some of that is used for food preparation and washing things.
A bier garten provides outdoor enjoyment in an urban setting, and there is a fire pit for chilly weather.
Bräu has about seven of their own beers, including a red, a pale, and an IPA.
Beers can be taken home in growlers.
A small selection of food is also offered.
The restrooms are located in another part of the building. One imagines that late at night patrons get lost, never to return.

The beer is quite good, but bring money as this is Switzerland.






Brauerei Fischerstube
Rheingasse 45
4058 Basel, Switzerland
+41 61 692 92 00

Brauerei Fischerstube is a small brewpub near the tourist district of Basel, Switzerland, quite close to the River Rhine.
Their beer is marketed under the name Ueli Beer.

Fischerstube is open for lunch but they close in the afternoon, before opening again in the evening.

Down below is a vaulted cellar dating from the 15th century.
This venue can accomodate groups of up to 60 patrons.
Fischerstube also boasts a Bier Garten in warmer weather.

Fischerstube has most of the usual European standard brews, except in this area they have a blonde instead of a hefe-weizen.
Beer can be taken home in a 2- liter carafe...we would call it a growler.

The brewery itself is in the rear, with the open fermenters on prominent display.
The beers were tasty, but in this area they are all very pricey.