The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Brew Pubs



Horny Goat Brewing Company
2011 South First St
(414) 383-6906

Horny Goat Brewing Company is a brew pub on the river outside of Milwaukee. 
Most of the service is on a large, sheltered patio. 
In a nearby building is what appears to be brewing equipment, but the waitress said that all of their beer was produced in Steven's Point.
All of the six Horny Goat beers are on tap, and the pub grub is reasonably priced.


Hinterland Erie Street Gastropub
222 East Erie Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202-6000
(414) 727-9300

The Hinterland Gastropub in downtown Milwaukee, an upscale winebar, is an outlet for the brewery based in Green Bay.  The decor ran to lots of brick and wood, and had an earthy feel. They have 6 Hinterland beers on tap.  One would think that for a brewery outlet, they would focus more on beer and less on wine, but considering this location, maybe not. The noveau cuisine was quite pricy.




Milwaukee Ale House
233 North Water Street
Milwaukee, WI
(414) 226-2337

The Milwaukee Ale House is a large brewpub in downtown Milwaukee.  The bar area is very large, the dining area smaller, and also there is some seating on a balcony over the river.  The brewing operation is on display at the front of the bar, however, the barmaid explained that they have another brewery for beer that is packaged, or drunk elsewhere.  They have 8 of their own tasty beers on tap.  The beer is inexpensive and so is the pubgrub.  It is a comfortable place to drink.


Water Street Brewery
1101 N. Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 272-1195

The Water Street Brewery is a large brewpub in the trendy drinking district of downtown Milwaukee. 
Although the bar itself is modest, the bar area is quite large with a seated bar rail along the perimeter and several booths.  The dining area is quite extensive and has several rooms and many little nooks.  There is also outside seating. 
There are six fermenting tanks adjacent the bar, but the rest of the brewing operation is not visible. 
They aspire to be a German brewery but with 8 beers on tap they have several other styles. 
The beers a quite tasty. 
The food is good and not particularly expensive.



St. Francis Brewery
3825 South Kinnickinnic Ave.
St Francis, WI 53235-4225
(414) 744-4448

St. Francis Brewery is a brew pub in a new stand-alone building far from anything else in the south Milwaukee suburbs. 
The very long bar area takes perhaps a third of the space, the dining area the rest. 
The brewing operation is at the rear of the bar. 
St. Francis has 8 of their own beers, mostly German style, that are true to style and very tasty. 
The menu is mostly pub grub, well done and not expensive.