The Quest for the Holy Grain

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Mission Statement


Our mission is to enrich our lives with meaning through the pursuit of the Holy Grain.
A man who drinks 1,000 different beers is a man of accomplishment.
The Quest gives meaning and direction to even the most worthless life.
To be a Questor, you are no longer a man with a drinking problem, you are a man with a purpose.


Here's What You Must Do:


Code of Conduct

  • To enter the ranks of the Grainy Order of Questors you must begin in the attempt to drink 1,000 different beers in your lifetime or sooner.
  • You must document your Quest.
  • A beer is considered a full serving, not a taste or a sampling. Normally, 12 fluid ounces shall be the minimum requirement for conquering a beer.

King Gambrinus Wants You to Join the Quest!


Some of our pages are silly and some are serious. We hope that all are fun.
The Home Page, the Questor Resources Page, and the Useful Links Page will arm you with the tools of the Quest.
Questors' Files
will introduce you to others who are leading the way.
Other pages will show you where to procure good beer.
And if you like drinking good beer anyway...there's nothing to lose!

So Join Us on the Quest


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In order to score a beer on the Quest, you must consume a full serving; not a taste, sample, sip, or smidgen.

Our website is full of beer rating sheets, tasting tips, methods of documentation, and other resources that will help you on your Quest. Just peruse the Quest for the Holy Grain Website and follow the links. Any questions? Consult the QuestMaster below:

For more information, consult the QuestMaster.


A CLARIFICATION: You are welcome to drink as many beers as you like, but only different kinds of beers count toward your Quest. So if you are inebriated and want to argue the beer you are drinking now is not the same beer you just drank and is therefore a different beer, you may not be Quest material. Paulaner Oktoberfest, Paulaner Hefe Weizen and Paulaner Salvator are three different beers. Paulaner Hefe Weizen in a can, Paulaner Hefe Weizen in a bottle and Paulaner Hefe Weizen on tap are not three different beers. It is the same beer in three forms and can only be counted once.

Let honor be your guide. Slay it then claim it.

If you spill your beer, start over.

Always help a fellow Questor.


"Even a journey of 1,000 miles must begin with a single step " ...Confucius