The Quest for the Holy Grain
Documenting Your Quest


Documenting Your Quest

To insure the integrity of this noble pursuit it is important that each questor take care to document his Quest.
The documentation of each completed Quest will be archived in the hallowed halls of this web site.
There are no hard and fast rules for documenting the Quest but some basic information is absolutely essential. This includes:

  • Brand, name and style of the beer, e.g., Paulaner Oktoberfest, Ryleigh's Best Amber
  • Date consumed
  • Place consumed
  • Rating for the beer (optional but recommended for the research-oriented drinker)


Rating Your Beer

There are many ways to rate a beer. A rating is not even required, but it will help you learn what you do and do not like about the beers you've been drinking. The Quest does not prescribe either your categories or your points scale, it simply demands documented proof of an honorable Quest. A sample Excel template is found at this link Sample Rating Template. The founding Questors have found it useful to consider the following information while documenting their Quests:


We have become aware that some potential Questors find it difficult to drink beer in a social setting and compile copious notes of their Quest at the same time.
These individuals are welcome to modify their methods of documentation to suit their needs.
The important rules are:



  • Document your Quest
  • A serving, not a sample


Don't let detailed note-taking distract from the social setting.
Don't sweat the details.



Thus, if you wish to record only the name of the beer, and the date consumed, this would be bare-bones sufficient.
Most Questors also like to add some sort of rating system, even if it is only a scale from 1 to 10..
Remember...just follow the beer, and document your quest.




"Let no man thirst for good beer."

...Samuel Adams