The Quest for the Holy Grain - Best Microbreweries



Cape Coral

Fort Myers


Punta Gorda



Peace River Beer Company
1732 Steadley Avenue
Punta Gorda, FL 33950
(941) 655-8352

Peace River Beer Company is a block off of the main drag in Punta Gorda, FL.
Soon to be a microbrewery, most of their beers are currently made by Bury Me Brewing, as they both have the same owners.
Bury Me Brewing, a brewpub in Fort Myers, was successful enough that the proprietors looked for a larger location in which to brew more beer under a new label.
There are about 15 beers on tap. some unique to this location.
The tasting room has a bar that seats about 8 and a large seating area that seats about 50 more.
There is space outside for seating as well.
The brewing equipment had arrived the day before we visited and was being installed as we drank.






Scotty's Bierwerks
901 East Industrial Circle
Cape Coral, FL 33909
(239) 888-5482

Scottys Bierwerks is a brewery housed in a new industrial building in an otherwise desolate area of Cape Coral, Fl. The tasting room is modestly sized, but there is a large adjacent room with lots of seating.
The brewery space itself is open with a few tables and space for children and dogs.
A popcorn machine offers the only food available although food trucks make the rounds. Scotty's beer is European style, German and Belgian mostly with about 10 on tap.

One drinker stated that Scotty's hefeweizen was "far and above any other craft hefeweizen that I have tried (and I have tried a LOT since its my favorite brew).




Cape Coral Brewing Company
829 Miramar St
Cape Coral, FL 33904
(239) 257-1573

Cape Coral Brewing is a micro brewery a few blocks from downtown Cape Coral.
The storefront looks as if it had been a convenience store in a past life.
The place was closed the evening of our visit, but the owner heard us shaking the door and let us in. The bar is along the side wall away from the door with a few tables scattered about.
The brewing operation is in the rear.
The owner gave us samples of each of his beers. But he must have had great weekend sales as all he had that night was a lite, a strawberry wheat, and a cream ale.
They were probably true to style, but not my favorites.
One is invited to bring their own food or order from neighboring restaurants.




Fort Myers Brewing Company
12811 Commerce Lakes Dr #28
Fort Myers, FL 33913
(239) 313-6576

Fort Myers Brewing Company is a microbrewery off the beaten track near Ft. Myers.
Located on the backside of a warehouse in an industrial area, one needs a GPS to find it as the addresses aren't obvious.
It's fairly spacious, about 100' x 30', with the bar at the opposite end from the door. There are several picnic tables and lots of standing-around room.
The rest rooms are in the brewery which is in the remainder of the warehouse. Fort Myers had about 10 of their own beers on tap as well as perhaps 15 guests.
The menu consisted of a choice between hotdogs or popcorn.



Old Soul Brewing
10970 S Cleveland Ave
Fort Myers, FL 33907
Phone: (239) 334-4334

Old Soul Brewing is a microbrewery in Ft. Myers.
Although it has an address on the main drag, it is several blocks back into a labyrinth of small offices and warehouses.
We weren't comfortable there and didn't go back.
The facility had one room, maybe 30' x 30' with the bar in the far corner. The only light was from behind the bar and the front windows.
When someone entered, everyone there turned to watch them walk across the empty space.
The were six beers on tap, two of them guests, and no food was offered.
The brewing operation is not evident.



Point Ybel Brewing Company
16120 San Carlos Blvd #4,
Fort Myers, Florida 33908
(239) 980-2764

Point Ybel is a small brewery in a strip mall in an older section of Ft. Myers.
Their tasting room, a large bar with a few tables scattered about, is open every evening.
The brewing operation is visible in the next room.
Point Ybel has five full-time beers, two guests, as well as several "one offs".
When asked about the competition, a local brewpub, the barmaid explained Florida law.
The brewpub served food, but no take away beer. Point Ybel, a microbrewery, could sell no food, but would sell and/or fill growlers to go.




Cigar City Brewing
3924 West Spruce Street, Suite A
Tampa, Florida 33607
(813)348-6363  ext 206

As if the beach were not enough, it's worth a trip to Florida just to visit Cigar City Brewing.
Cigar City is a classic craft brewery - a bit hard to find, situated in a light industrial building, limited seating, dart board.
Since they only serve beer and no food, it's technically not a brewpub, but food is secondary to beer anyway.
Most beers are in the 8% and above range - see what I mean about being worth it?
We tried the Jai Alai IPA (a keeper), Guava Grove (a bit sour for me), a very cherry- tasting scotch ale, and Marshall Zhukov's Imperial Stout (reason enough to make the trip).
Most beers are available to carry out: the IPA in a six-pack, Marshall Z's and a few others in bomber bottles, and most all beers in growlers.
Get a sitter for the kids and stop by before the place loses that new brewery smell.








"They who drink beer will think beer ." ....Washington Irving