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Virginia Beach






Vanish Farmwoods Brewery
42264 Leelynn Farm Ln
Leesburg , Virginia 20176
Phone: 703-779-7407

Located in the town of Lucketts, about 15 minutes north of Leesburg,
Vanish Farmwoods Brewery was a pleasant surprise when we dropped in on a Friday afternoon in mid-August.
Vanish has an enormous taproom situated right in the brewery, in a building both cavernous and sprawling.
The long and winding bar seats at least 20 patrons, and more than 15 picnic-style tables can handle many, many more.
Vanish will usually have 13 or so of their beers on tap at any given time, but they are working on being able to fill all 20 of their tap lines.
Beer can be ordered by the pint or growler.
Flights come in either a 6- or 12-beer size.
I found their IPL to be grainy, crisp, and very easy to drink.
Vanish hosts Vanish Lab on the weekends, where thirsty patrons are offered craft beer cocktails made from beer and fruit juices.
Vanish uses a 10-bbl., 20 vessel brewing system with plans for growth, as they propose to bottle in the near future.

As far as eats go, Vanish has a food truck on the weekend, and always has snack food on hand.




Mad Horse Brew Pub
34 E Broad Way
Lovettsville, VA 20180
(703) 687-7628

Doesn't look like a place to find a brew pub...a quiet residential street in the sleeply Loudon County town of Lovettsville...yet here it is!
Mad Horse Brew Pub, which is actually categorized as a microbrewery, is a charming little venue brewing and serving delicious beers.
Mad Horse consists of one large room, and is decorated along the lines of a bar/living room...a very friendly place to drink beer.
The massive tree trunk bar seats 6 or 8 patrons, and the selection of tables has room for about 40 more.
Mad Horse has 6 to 8 of their beers on tap at any given time, and the lager that I consumed was excellent and true-to-style.
At the time of our visit, Mad Horse also had a saison, wheat, wit, pale ale, stout, and a dunkel.
Beers are for sale in pints, and can be taken home in growlers.
Robyn and Darren, our bartenders, were very friendly and also quite helpful in explaining the history of Mad Horse and its workings.
So far, if a Questor wants to drink a Mad Horse beer, they are going to have to do it right here at the brewery, but the company is working on distribution from what seems to be a 7-bbl system.
The brewworks can be seen through a large glass window.
Thirsty visitors can also order wine at Mad Horse, and there is a limited food menu.
From whichever direction you approach Mad Horse, you will be travelling through some beautiful country, making for a pleasant trip.
Mad Horse is another jewel in Loudon County's star-studded beer crown.




Old 690 Brewing Company
15670 Ashbury Church Rd.
Purcellville , VA 20132
(540) 668-7023

The Old 690 Brewery was one of the first farm breweries in the state of Virginia .
According to their mission statement, Old 690's goal is to brew and serve a unique yet balanced variety of fresh craft beers including several seasonal ales that utilize crops grown on the 10 acre property.
Old 690 is located just north of Purcellville which is just west of Leesburg, in Virginia 's beer-friendly Loudon County .
In their spacious tasting room, Old 690 has about 9 beers on tap, and dispenses said beer in flights, pints, and growlers.
Old 690's popularity is evidenced by the crowd that was on hand during our visit on a Saturday could barely make one's way to the bar!
Guests are invited to bring their own food.
A food truck may also be available.




Belly Love Brewing Company
725 E Main St
Purcellville, VA 20132
(540) 441-3159

Belly Love is located in a retail center downtown in the microbrewery mecca of Purcellville, VA.
To quote from Belly Love's mission statement,
"With unwavering attention to detail, batch consistency, and stylistic integrity, every beer is hand crafted from the finest ingredients available."
A large sign on the wall professes their philosophy more concisely..."Beer is Liquid Soul Food."
All the beers that are brewed here with Belly Love's 7-bbl system are created to be sold at this outlet.
A thirsty patron can purchase a pint, try a flight if undecided, or fill a growler.
There were seven Belly Love beers on tap at the time of our visit...including a Helles, Saison, Pale Ale, and Belgian Strong.
I only had time for one pint, the Helles, and I found it outstanding.
The spacious tap room seats about 40 people at tables and in upholstered couches.
Belly Love also offers outdoor seating on a small patio.
Outside guests will not be bothered by cars, as Belly Love sits in a pedestrian-only shopping area.
When you get hungry, you can order from a menu of snacks and sandwiches such as burgers, tacos, wings, and a favorite of mine, Scotch eggs...all provided by a local caterer.
Courtney, our barkeeper, was hopspitable and helpful in learning about the beers and answering our questions in general.
Belly Love is a fun and rewarding stop on a Questor's tour of Purcellville's microbrewery scene.




Corcoran Brewing Company
205 E Hirst Rd
Purcellville, VA 20132
(540) 441-3102

Corcoran Brewing Company originally opened in 2011 in Waterford, VA, where the family was already operating a winery.
As the demand for beer grew, the Corcoran Family moved the brewing operation to Purcellville, six miles from the original location.
Corcoran brews both traditional styles and experimental beers.
At the time of our visit, they had 16 different beers on tap.
I had a pint of Catoctin Ale, an English-style pale ale, at 5.5% and 35 IBU's.
I don't may have been the friendly ambience of the tap room, the knowledge and professionalism of my barkeep, or the balminess of a warm summer's day...but this beer was one of the best that I have ever documented.
The taproom offered about 7 tables, a couch, and a foosball table.
There was also plenty of room for moving around and mingling if things got crowded.
Beer was sold by the pint or in flights of five.
Growlers could be filled, and beer could also be taken home in 22-ounce bombers.
Trivia Night, live music, a mug club, and a weekend food truck add to the many things that make Corcoran a great place to visit, and a must stop on Purcellville's brew trail.




Adroit Theory
Brewing Company

404 Browning Court, Unit C Purcellville, VA 20132
(703) 722-3144

Adroit Theory Brewing Company is a nano-brewery located in Purcellville, VA, a little north of the town's Main Street.
Adroit Theory describes its products as "esoteric beers with an emphasis on barrel aging."
In the tasting room, beers are dispensed in Tastes (3 ounces) or Tulips (10 ounces).
They ain't cheap.
Tastes run from $3.00 to $4.50 and Tulips from $8.00 to $9.50.
Flights are not sold, but growlers can be filled.
A Questor may also take home a variety of Adroit Theory's beers in 375-mL bottles.
These ain't cheap either.
Tasters may sit at the spacious bar, stroll around the tasting room, or relax on the small beer patio out back.
I have consumed Adroit Theory beers at several venues in Loudon County, and find them all to be well-crafted, different, and delicious.
Food-wise, the brewery offers pre-packaged sandwiches and nuts.
At busier times, there may be a food truck present, but at any time, a guest may bring in food or have it delivered.
Adroit Theory is an important stop on Purcellville's craft beer tour.





Loudon Brewing Company
310 East Market Street
Leesburg , VA 20176


Loudon Brewing Company is a nanobrewery and an important addition to Leesburg's brewery scene.
Loudon BC is located in a stand-alone house, just a stones throw east of historic downtown.
Shawn, our barkeep, was welcoming and informative, despite the fact that he was pouring beers at a breakneck pace for the lively crowd on a Thursday summer's evening.
The taproom, which has a cottage-like feel, seats about 20, and there is standing room also.
The atmosphere was vibrant, and the crowd was busy ordering pints, flights, and growlers to aid in their socialization.
Loudon BC had 5 beers on tap at the time of our visit, and we were told that they may have anywhere from 4-10 at any given time.
Loudon is not a production brewery, and their 1.5-bbl system produces beer to be consumed in this taproom only.
Upstairs is an attic-like room with upholstered chairs for relaxing with your beer...there is a TV and a chalkboard for entertainment.
Although the taproom is comfortable and relaxing, it is clear that you are in a working brewery, with fermenters, bright tanks, and bubbling airlocks clearly visible.
Every town ought to have a venue such as Loudon Brewing Company.



Crooked Run Brewing
205 Harrison St SE
Leesburg , VA 20175-3702
phone: (703) 609-9241

You won't spot Crooked Run from Harrison Street.
This "farmhouse nano brewery" is located in Leesburg's Market Station in the famous Beermuda Triangle.
If you're facing Tuscarora Mill, go left and around to the back.
Crooked Run has a small, cozy tasting room with space for about 6 guests at the bar and two picnic tables.
A couple of small tables are also located outside on the deck.
About 4 different beers are usually on tap, brewed in the 1.5 bbl system located just several yards away.
The atmosphere was gregarious, with Steve, the barkeep, and the other patrons eager to talk about Crooked Runs variety of over 20 brews.
Jake Andres, founder of Crooked Run, describes his beer as "special American and Belgian ales" many of which are made with locally-grown ingredients.
Aside from offering pints of their creations, Crooked Run sells flights, and fills growlers.



Center of the Universe Brewing Company
11293 Air Park Rd.
Ashland, VA 23005

Center of the Universe, or COTU as it is known, is a microbrewery in Ashland, Virginia, about 20 minutes north of Richmond.
The name of the brewery is explained in their mission statement:

"COTU wants to be a company that truly embraces the local community. 'Center of the Universe,' to COTU, is taking pride in where you live and respecting the people with whom you interact."

The proprietors of COTU, are ex-major league pitcher Chris Ray and his brother Phil, who started out as home brewers back in 2009.
Their 15-bbl brewery has a spacious tasting room where pints are sold, growlers are filled, and six-packs can be taken home.
It looks like a great place to gather with your friends, drink fresh crafted beer, and obtain a meal from the food truck that is often available.
COTU is just a few minutes off of I-95, and a great place to stop if you are enjoying the burgeoning beer scene in the greater Richmond area.



Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
2408 Ownby Lane
Richmond, VA 23220

Hardywood Park is a microbrewery that occupies two buildings between The Fan and Diamond districts in Richmond.
Don't look for a district named Hardywood Park. The brewery's name comes from the name of the sheep station in Australia where the brewery's founders first discovered hand-crafted beer.
Hardywood's spacious tasting room is open 4 nights a week, and is known to host a food court and farmers' market on Wednesday.
The tasting room offers a large standing bar, some tables, and plenty of room to drink and mingle.
Hardywood brews a number of different beers, and offers them on tap and in 750 mL bottles.
Growlers are also filled.
Each beer recipe is perfected on a 20-gallon pilot brewery before graduating to a custom built, 20-barrel Newlands brewhouse.
99% of the brewery's electricity comes from windpower.



Strangeways Brewing
2277A Dabney Road
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 303-4336

Strangeways Brewing is a microbrewery located in an industrial park in Richmond, VA.
The tasting room is colorful, and the bartenders were busy giving samples, selling pints, and filling growlers.
Upon our visit there were 5 beers on tap...4 flagship beers and one seasonal.
The tasting room features a stand-up bar with plenty of tables and stools, and plenty of standing room.
The crowd was predominantly young, and drinkers could patronize the food truck parked outside.
Our barkeep, Cheyenne, was extremely helpful in explaining about the brewery and their 20-bbl system.
Strangeways is just plain fun, as it features plenty of people talking with one another and drinking fresh craft beer.



Blue and Gray Brewing Co.
3300 Dill Smith Dr.
Fredericksburg , VA , 22408
(540) 538-2379

The Blue & Gray Brewing Company is in a stand-alone building in an industrial area just south of downtown Fredericksburg.
The Pub, known as Lee's Retreat, is a long rectangular room with chairs, tables, and lots of space.
Dominating the far end of the venue is a large, beautiful wooden bar, where the taps dispense many of Blue & Gray's craft beers.
Food can also be ordered off an ample menu.
Around back is the brewery, where you can get merchandise, fill growlers, or take home bottles of Blue & Gray beer.
Check the website for brewery and pub hours...the pub is open several days a week, and is sometimes closed due to the hosting of private parties.
Placing a phone call first might be worthwhile.
Lee's Retreat looks to be a fun place to order and consume great craft beer.




Pleasure House Brewing
3025 Shore Dr
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (757) 496-0916

Pleasure House Brewing is a micro brewery far from the tourist area of VA Beach.
The building appears to be a repurposed convenience store, so you can picture it's size.
The bar on the right side of the room seats about a dozen, and there are several tables scattered about. The brewing operation is not in sight.
Pleasure House has 11 beers on tap, each a different style.
At any given time, expect to find both flagship and experimental beers on tap.
Activities include darts, Foosball, talking with friends, and of course, drinking beer.
All we tasted were very good.
No food is served, but the Chinese restaurant next door delivers.




Young Veterans Brewing Company
2505 Horse Pasture Rd #104
Virginia Beach, VA 23453
(757) 689-4021

The Young Veterans Brewing Company is a new microbrewery in the same industrial complex as the Beach Brewing Company, also on this page.
In their mission statement, Young Veterans says, "For us, the answer is simple:
We love beer . We love to brew it;
we love to drink it, we love to teach others about it."

Ahhh... so many beers, so little time.
Anyway, the tasting room is typical of a small micro brewery. The front room is as large as a large living room and seats about 20 on mis-matched furniture.
The service area is in an alcove off the hall that leads to the brewing operation. The bar there seats 3.
We noted that the beers were of a hoppy nature.
The barmaid seemed a bit disappointed when she said, "that's what they like." Young Vets has a hefeweizen, porter, pale ale and three IPA's on tap.
All were very good.
Being so close to the other brewery, one can easily compare and contrast.



Reaver Beach Brewing Company
2585 Horse Pasture Rd  
Virginia Beach, VA 23453
(757) 563-2337

The Reaver Beach Brewing Company is a microbrewery well off the beaten path in an industrial complex in Virginia Beach, VA.
The tasting room is open most afternoons and evenings.
The tasting room is large, with a large bar that seats about 15 drinkers.
Plenty of room is available for standing around. Besides pints of all their products, they do a good walk-in business with growlers and kegs.
The prices are good and there is no limit; it's a convenient place to get all of the Beach Brewing products.
This is the same brewery that used to be known as simply Beach Brewing Company.



Willamsburg AleWerks
189-B Ewell Road
Williamsburg, VA 23188
(757) 220-3670

While in Williamsburg I went to the
Williamsburg AleWerks store, at the brewery. This is a microbrewery, not a brew pub. It's only several blocks from the outlet mall. No bigger than your garage, they have beer and paraphanalia for sale. For $3.00, one can get a 4oz sample of each of the 5 beers currently available. On Saturday, one can pay $6.00 and also take the tour.





"They who drink beer will think beer ." ....Washington Irving