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When a Questor has scored 50 different beers, according to the guidelines set forth in the home page, he may submit material for this page.




Mickey D.

Mickey D. joined the Quest in early 2005, and "went dark" in 2006.
At right, he purchases some Ice Beer...the White Man's malt liquor.
Breaking News: After a brief hiatus of more than 10 years, Mickey D. returned to the Quest on March 3, 2017.

Mickey's Data



Mary Beth Claude

On August 11, 2011, Mary Beth Claude did become the 15th active, 16th living, and 1st lady Questor by downing and documenting her 50th beer in the Quest for the Holy Grain. When she is not Questing, Ms. Claude finds time to serve as an aquatic biologist. She has so far documented beers while cruising, partying, and Tredding down the Avon. She is also a brewster. As one can plainly see, her 50th beer was a Sapporo Reserve.

Mary Beth's Data



Jeremy Claude

In February of 2011, Jeremy Claude did become the 14th active and 15th living Questor.  A long-time beer drinker, Jeremy recently started his Quest and quickly documented his first 50.  We anticipate he will continue at this scorching pace to his 1000th in little time. Jeremy is shown here tasting his 50th beer...a Saranac Black Forest Schwarzbier.  This Eastern Shore man takes his home-brewing serious and his beer drinking seriouser. 

Jeremy's Data


Chef Hatt

On the 20th day of December, 2010, as our earth approached its winter solstice, Chef Eric Hatt became the 13th active Questor in the Quest for the Holy Grain. The Chef began his Quest in May, although he started reviewing beers some months earlier. Chef Hatt cooks for a living, and lives for the drinking. We see him here sipping a Troeg's Mad Elf, which he awarded a 49 out of 50 points. He hopes his Quest will allow him to visit as many different breweries as possible...a Quest of its own.

Chef Hatt's Data


Kevin M.

Kevin submitted the documentation of his 50th beer on November 16, 2010, and thus became the 12th active Questor. He set out on his Quest with his mentor, Mr. Wright, and the two lads have shared many good beers together (and a few bad ones).  Kevin maintains that he embarked on the Quest for the Journey, not the Destination. His favourite beer thus far has been Duvel.

Kevin's Data



On July 6, 2010, Lee became the 12th living, and 11th active Questor by submitting his list of over 50 documented beers. "It's no surprise that Lee is a Questor as he has various quests both active (visiting at least 100 countries) and completed (visiting all 50 states). His new goal is to drink a beer in every state. Lee's grandfather and father once owned a bar, and his grandmother sold supplies to home distillers during the dark days of Prohibition, so alcohol is a part of his past as well as his present and future."

Lee's Data




In mid-April of 2010, Colin became the 11th living Questor. As Colin's data will reflect, most of his Questing history took place in the state of Vermont, where he hung out at Das Beer House and founded Danger Squad Brewery.


Stephen Wright

April 4, 2009...another mundane day in an otherwise humdrum existence; until Stephen went to the Frisco Grille to knock back a few beers. There he encountered Foamee and the rest of the Questors celebrating Rusty's 1000th beer. That was the day that Stephen became the 9th living and 8th active Questor.

Stephen's Data
"24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?" --Stephen Wright
You may also want to check out Stephen's blog:
"1000 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"



Eric, the 10th living Questor, began his Quest for the Holy Grain in June of 2007.   After a 2-year hiatus to better pursue his dreams of basket weaving and professional corn-holing (see photo at right) he returned to his true chosen Since his return he has been chalking up new beers at an admirable rate.  This Questor may be found frequenting DuClaw's of Bel Air or in front of the television cheering on his beloved Jets and Mets.  Hiatus notwithstanding, it was only a matter of time before beer and the Quest.

Eric's Data



In December of 2007, Dave became the 8th living Questor.  Though he's dyslexic, he knows good beer from bad beer. Usually. You can find Dave wandering the streets of Reading, PA where he resides as a grown-up college-student-wannabe.  In his spare time Dave also enjoys, cigars, his girlfriend and windy walks along the river.  The nearby picture shows Dave during a golden moment.  Ataboy Dave, keep up the good tasting.

Dave's Data



In May of 2007, Rusty did become the 7th living Questor. A look at Rusty's data reveals that this man of road trips and big tips has quickly mastered the art of detecting, downing, and describing good beer.

Yonan the Barbarian

Yonan was one of the Quest's Founding Fathers in 2003. Yonan prefers anonimity to sobriety, and has proven that he will travel anywhere in the world for a beer, except Pittsburgh. He drinks big beers, and drops big bottles.

Yonan's Data


Cap'n Ken

Cap'n Ken, he of Battlin' Stick fame, became the sixth living Questor on July 17, 2006, after less than two months on the job. Seen below, this rambunctious raconteur hoists a hefeweizen as he documents his 50th beer.
View Cap'n Ken's Data

Cap'n's Top Five

DuPont Saison DuPont
Flying Dog Wild Dog Colorado Saison
North Coast La Merle Saison
Weyerbacher Merry Monks
Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale




Began Quest 12/03

Top 8 Beers
(as of November, 2017 - 8200 documented)

Flying Dog Raging Bitch (Galaxy) Cask - 46.5
Lickinghole Creek 3 Chopt Tripel - Btl. 46.5
Allagash Tripel - Btl.
- 46.0
Blue Mountain Long Winter's Nap - 46.0
North Coast Le Merle - Btl. - 46.0
Saucony Creek Hop Suplex - Dft. - 46.0
St. George IPA - Btl. - 46.0

Gulden Draak Brewmasters Edition - 46.0

Worst 5 Beers
Weyerbacher Sixteen - 12
Pabst Blue Ribbon - 11
Evil Genius Doomsday - 9
Super Brew 15 - 9
Tilt Green - 8.5

Walter's Data

Questor sifts through data

On 1/7/06, Walter was inducted into the Mahaffey's 100 Beer Club. Walter shown here with proprietor Wayne Mahaffey.

Mahaffey's patrons were eager to congratulate Walter on his accomplishment.



Calvano is a bon vivant who likes his beers dark and his cigars darker. A copious record keeper, Calvano is fond of fast cars and smoking bars. He documented his 50th beer in January, 2006.

Calvano's Data


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Foamee's Data

Foamee Specializes in American Microbrews
Being an authority on the beers of New York State, Foamee has mapped out a brew trail to Syracuse.
1) Find a designated driver who wants to go to Syracuse.
2) Proceed N. on I-83, and up Rt 15. Stop at Selins Grove Brewing in Selinsgrove. It's worth the trip. Next, continue on to Williamsport and the Bullfrog Brewery. Then on to Corning and the Market Street Brewing Co. Get on Rt 13 and drive up to intercept I-81 at Cortland. You will pass the Ithaca Beer Co. They have a mini-tour with samples and six- packs for sale.
In Syracuse, you will want to stop at the Armory Square area. Visit the Syracuse Suds Factory, a brew pub with about 7 of their own beers. They have a dance floor, bands, and lots of kids. Farther down from that is the Blue Tusk, with about 65 different taps, and a kitchen for pub grub. Across from Blue Tusk is Empire Brewing Company...a great brewpub.
If you have time for a side trip, I recommend driving up to Oswego. There is a great bar called Greene's Ale House, a small beer bar with 21 taps, one of most every style of beer, and a small kitchen with good bar food.


Foamee at Oktoberfest-Munchen, 2004

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