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Rating Your Beer

For those new to rating beers one of the best resources on the web is RateBeer.

Additional information can be accessed at:

Developing Your Beer Palate


Rating your beers should be fun.
And the rating only has to have meaning to you.
Some Questors have used the following categories for their beer ratings:



How did the beer look when it arrived?
Was the color pleasing to you?
Was it clear or cloudy? Was there good carbonation?
Some beers, like a Boddington, are pure entertainment. Watching them settle into their glass is reward enough.
How dense is the bubble-pack in the head?
Are the bubbles all the same size?
Do you have a stiff, thick foamy head on your beer?

Consider the bottle or the choice of glass.
Is it a good match for the beer?
Don't overlook the aroma.
Does it strike you as pleasant, remarkable, or outstanding?


“Chew the Brew.” How does it taste?
Where do you taste it?
Do you find bitterness (back of tongue-hops), sweetness (front of tongue, malt), maybe a balance of the two?
Does the beer finish well?
Is there an aftertaste? Is it a plus or a minus.
provides some good examples of what a skilled beer drinker or a deluded beer hound can pick up in the taste of a beer.

To the uninitiated, beer has two and piss.
The Questor always strives to refine his palate.
To facilitate this enterprise, we have included this Beer Flavor Wheel.
Tastes are defined on the wheel from approximately 9:00 to 12:00.
The remainder of the wheel defines Aroma.
Read the outer circumference to further differentiate the gradations in taste and aroma.
Verstehen Sie?



This category has been described as “mouthfeel.”
Consider how the beer feels in your mouth.
This might include temperature, robustness, carbonation, creaminess, thickness or other mouth sensations, good or bad.



Don’t make this call until after the beer is finished.
Consider – “Do you want another or would you just as soon switch?”
“Would you buy a 6-pack or growler of this beer?”
"Could you drink this beer all night long or did you finish it for the sake of the Quest?"
You may also consider whether the beer “grew on you” or “faded” as you emptied the vessel.



Set the glass down and look at it (if you drink from a bottle this is hard to do, so some score a two for a bottled beer).
Can you see that the beer left its mark on the glass (+), or does it appear that the glass has already been sanitized, washed, and dried? (-)
A nicely ringed beer glass is a thing of beauty to behold. Delicately laced beers hold a beauty only a man can appreciate.



Some beer names are just fun to say and that is worth something.
Ordering the German beers with good pronunciation is part of the high.



Your data are essential to completing the Quest.
You need a record of your accomplishments.
The original Questors use a simple Excel spreadsheet. You can download a copy here: Quest Data Template.
Enter your data across the row.
This template assumes you'll use the first five rating categories above, your total score for your beer is automatically calculated.
If you'd like to change your rating system simply modify the spreadsheet to your liking.

Be sure to backup your data at frequent intervals!!
Once you have completed your first 50 beers you are entitled to your own space in Questors' Files here at the Quest site.
It is a good place to keep a copy of your data.
Do not keep all of your data copies in the same physical location.
Fires, earthquakes, floods, and explosions can be tragic but there is no reason for any of these disasters to ruin your Quest. Keep your data in multiple locations.

Now few Questors drink most of their beers at their computers. So temporary recording of your ratings is important. Several sample rating sheets are provided for your use or you can devise your own form.

Sample Scoresheet 1

Sample Scoresheet 2

Alternate Scoresheet



"Oh lager beer! It makes good cheer,
And proves a poor man's worth.
It cools the body through and through;
and regulates the health" ....