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Travel Tips

If you're going out of town take advantage of the opportunity to score local beers. Find out where the prewbubs are and hit them first. Leave room in your luggage to bring home some cans of beer. Take a small suitcase inside a large suitcase on the way out in order to bring beers home.

To plan your trip you must start with Beer has a great list of pubs and beer bars. Be careful, however, some of the smaller places do not last long and if you do not see a recent entry the pub or bar may be closed.
ratebeer can also be a useful site.

Other sites that may help you make good out-of-town beer choices include:

Lew Bryson - Lew is a journalist and author...and he likes beer; he'll tell you where to go in which area

BeerFly - Guides to good beer by city and country

Pubnetwork - The Network to the best Bars & Pubs in Pittsburgh and A Few Other Small Towns

Brewhopping - A guide to breweries and brew pubs in the United States
Always double-check! These sites can be a little out of date




Brew your own beer:

Top Online Beer Making & Craft Brewing Courses

How to brew beer:

American Homebrewers Association




Learn About Beer Types

If you've just been drinking "beer" all your life, or if you categorize beers by their colors or price you might want a spend a little time on one of these web sites.

Be a Beer Snob - Good basic guide...and I like "geek" better than "snob!"

Beer Styles

The Ale Street News - "The Most Widely Circulated Beer Newspaper in America"

BeerHunter - Beer hunting, travel, culture, tastings, and more

Brewing News - Regional newspaper available a brew pubs and beer bars.


Beer Glasses & Stuff

A Questor takes pride in his Quest and his craft, beer drinking. The Questor's motto is, "The right glass for the right beer." If you do not yet know about beers and their glasses, start here.

Straubs' Inc. - Learn about beer glasses and buy them too!

Beer Glass Guide

Pour A Good Beer - You don't want to make a faux pas.

Beer Glassware - See the glass with the right beer in it.

Beer Gifts


A Lot of Questing to Do...or...So many Beers; So Little Time

Beer Mapping - "We find the beer - you drink the beer."

Breweries of the World- An alphabetical listing of breweries.

Beer Info - The Beer Info Source

The Society for the Preservation of Beers from the Wood - A great way to learn and enjoy

Brewers Association of Maryland - "to foster and to protect the world-renowned brewing industry of Maryland within the state."

Send a Friend A Beer - And lots more fun and info


Beer History - You spend a lot of time with beer. Don't you think you ought to know a little bit about it?

A Concise Timeline of Beer History

The Beer History Library - Articles, essays, and anecdotes.

Beer Institute History - Scholarly

Craft Beer Today

History of American Beer

History of Beer Cans - "Anybody can brew beer, but only God can make rust."

Who Invented Beer? - Ask History...


Beer Commercials - You grew up on them, now discover their sociological significance...or not.

Beer and Television

Pilsner Urquell Game - Back by Popular Demand!

German Commercial - Did you see it coming?

Hilarious - Top 5 Funny Beer Commercials
(hope this is still posted by the time you get here!)

The 11 Best Goddamn Beer ads ever...


General Beer Information

A Fast & Furious Tour of Beer History

Beer & Food - Beer and food pairings and lots more

America the Brewtiful - Who drinks the most beer?

I suspected this - Good news for drinkers of beer!

Beer Can World - Learn about this stimulating hobby

Beer of the Month Club - Join up and get twelve 12-oz. microbrews shipped each month

More Beer News - "What part of beer don't you understand?"

More Reasons to Drink Beer - Do you need any?

Beer Mats and Labels - Someone really scanned all these?

Brewers Association - To promote and protect the craft brewing industry

All About Beer - A magazine for beer lovers


Beer Humor - If you drink a lot of beer you're going to kill a lot of brain cells. Any wit and creativity you once had will soon be gone. You're going to need a couple of jokes to tell.

Beer Humor - Jokes and other info

Norm Quotes - "What's shakin', Norm?" "All four cheeks and a coupla chins." And many others

Beer 100 - Jokes, quotes, and wisdom






We ain't serious about a lotta things, but beer ain't one of 'em!

...Fat Cat Beer Company